Eliminate Lost Charges

Boost revenue now

Practices can lose upwards of 10-15% of revenue due to lost encounter forms. SwiftPayMD ensures claims get submitted for all services rendered.

Lower Claims Processing Cost

Eliminate unnecessary data keying

SwiftPayMD lowers the expense of back office claims processing doing away with handwriting interpretation and error prone manual data entry.

Reduce Accounts Receivable Days

Make charge lag a thing of the past

Delayed submission of charges starves practices of valuable cash flow. SwiftPayMD accelerates time to payment decreasing accounts receivable.


Point of Care Charge Capture

A solution that matches your workflow

Created by doctors for doctors. We know physicians have no time to spare, so SwiftPayMD was engineered to fit the way clinicians work.

Add Patients In a Snap

Have a patient hospital sticker?

SwiftPayMD makes creating a new patient as simple as snapping a picture of a hospital patient sticker or wrist band.

Voice to Text Technology

No manual data entry!

Free your thumbs from typing. Use real time, HIPAA compliant voice to text technology to speed charge creation and navigation.

Face Sheet Support

Easy insurance data capture

Make today the last day your biller asks you for your face sheets. Deliver face sheets to the back office with a snap of your device's camera.

Easy Billing Code Look Up

Clinician not coding book language

Ever been frustrated trying to find the right code? SwiftPayMD makes finding codes easy and allows you to do so speaking like a doctor.

ICD-10 Compliant

We made ICD-10 easy

SwiftPayMD keeps up with changes in diagnosis coding so doctors, NPs and PAs do not have to; they can focus on caring for their patients.


  • Basic

    Best for small practices that see only a few patients a day

    $19per user1,2

    Includes unlimited charge submission transactions

    50¢ per patient sticker

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  • Premium

    Best for practices that have a high volume of patients

    $59per user1,2

    Includes unlimited charge submission transactions

    Includes UNLIMITED patient
    sticker processing

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Both plans include a 30-day free trial.  No credit card required.

1. Accounts are billed monthly
2. Users are billing clinical providers; biller and back office staff accounts are free of charge

Security & HIPAA

Bank-Level Server Security

Protecting your data is a top priority

SwiftPayMD uses bank strength encryption to keep your data secure. Multiple methods are used to protect data both in transit and at rest.

Encrypted Data Back-Ups

Disaster recovery ready

SwiftPayMD backs-up your data routinely and is always prepared for the worst. We obsess about disaster recovery so you don't have to.

Audit Logging

Every event is tracked

SwiftPayMD tracks and logs all user activity. Administrators can audit the log as needed for compliance and forensic purposes.